Linda Joan Jacob is a New York City trained freelance graphic designer, artist and illustrator. She specializes in logos company identity, product packaging, book jackets, ads, layouts, special occasions and promotional events.

Her work encompasses a wide spectrum of styles and approaches — from the elegant and classic to the whimsical, cartoon and graffiti–inspired. Her fresh,innovative and organic concepts have been a hallmark of her work since she first began designing logos for school clubs while still in high school.  On the practical side, her clients appreciate her ability to work both collaboratively and independently, and to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Travel figured prominently in her young life. By her mid-20s she had traveled across the country and around the world, had visited every state in the Union except Alaska, studied indigenous cultures and crafts in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, and made her way to Europe, to India, to Japan and back again to California.

At that point, her life journey took a different direction. Motivated by the ideal of helping others, she devoted herself for a number of years to charitable service, working with an international spiritual and humanitarian organization. She continued to employ her creative talents there, while also spending her time coordinating events, managing a retreat and working day to day with people of many races, nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

That work coupled with her extensive travels gave her the opportunity to see and experience firsthand many different cultures and countries, with their radically different worldviews and artistic expressions: the vivid colors and patterns of Guatemalan weaving, the intricate religious painting and sculpture of India, the spare, Zen-like simplicity of Japanese woodcuts and watercolors. All of it served to inform and deepen her own art and led to a more universal appreciation and approach.

In 2011, the world traveling, public-spirited artist moved to Manhattan where she began a new life and a new career. She had come full circle, back to the passion for art and design that had inspired her from early childhood. Enrolling in the Graphic Design Certificate program at Hunter College, she concentrated on updating her graphic design and typography skills to incorporate the latest computer programs and innovations, including Photoshop CS6 and CC, Illustrator and InDesign.

Examples of her graphic design, typography, illustration and photo artwork can be seen in the Portfolio and Photography sections on this site. 

in 2017 Linda has moved to Tucson Az.  She continues to have clients from all over the country.



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